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Class C Stellum-MAPP-VOL-3/4, Volumetric



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Residential cold water meter:

Class C Stellum-MAPP-VOL-1/2, Volumetric

** CONFIDENTIAL Information** Propriety by IUSA S.A. DE C.V. **

Prohibited reproduction or disclosure without authorization in writing.


 High precision that allows the registration of the small flows, obtaining a class C,

 Measurement by nutating disc,

 Bi-directional measurement,

 Option of prepayment or post-payment Mode

 Inner valve for the opening or closing of the water flow

 Limited service when the balance runs out, pre-paid mode.

 Limited service in the presence of debt, post-payment mode.

 Opening of the service to apply credit, pre-paid mode.

 Opening of the service to pay off outstanding debts, post-payment mode.

 Smart Card for the transfer of information between the meter and the management software

 Liquid cristal display screen (LCD) to display indicators

 Total consumption

 Monthly consumption

 Debts

 Cut off Dates

 Debits

 Date and time

 Flow

 Battery status

 Led indicator.

 Alarm with LCD and/or LED

 Low Balance

 Payment Due

 Unauthorized access to the inside of the meter

 Corrosion-resistant materials

 Detection of unauthorized access to the inside of the meter

 Within standards

 Date and time of past events

 Ability to retain information even without power

 Battery has a 5 year warranty