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• With the IUSA Smart Metering System there is no need for a bill. No surprises at the end of the month. Depending on the Mode of Payment selected by the client when the system was installed the user will be able to view on the meter display the water consumption and know the amount that is due.

• Customize each property’s receipt to include any and all billable charges to tenants and owners. There is an unlimited amount of billable items that can be added to receipt. Besides the actual usage of water and sewer fees, other fees such as maintenance, storage, and others may be added to the receipt.


• On-Site – Residents will be able to make payments on site accordingly through the web-based service installed at the management office.

• Off-Site – Payments can be made at various locations.


• Permission – Managers can be allowed full or limited access to software, based on company policy.

• Reports – Consumption and financial reports are available, as well as various graphs and charts.

• Move Ins/Outs – On-Site Managers can process move ins/outs information for residents, create new accounts as well as process final payments for departing tenants.

• Late Notices – There is no need for late notices. Depending on the Mode of Payment (Pre-Pay or Post-Pay) selected by the client, the meter is automatically programmed to reduce or cut off the water flow if payment has not been received by the due date.

• Resident Assistance – 24 Hours Customer Service Line