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Privacy policy

Customer privacy is a top priority for IUSA Water. (hereafter referred to as “IUSA”) and IUSA makes reasonable effort to protect customer’s information.

IUSA treats all information from and about its customers as confidential, consistent with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements including those established by the Florida Public Service Commission. IUSA uses technology and standard practices to protect customer information and help prevent fraud and identity theft. IUSA will not disclose customer information to third parties, other than to the extent IUSA deems such disclosure necessary to support metering of water utility services and any related services, as required by law, or to transfer ownership of IUSA during any merger, acquisition, or sale (in such event personal information will be held to the same confidentiality obligations), which are subject to this Privacy Policy.

To help protect customer privacy and provide customers with quality service, IUSA relies on the customer to provide IUSA with complete and accurate information. If a customer thinks the information IUSA has obtained about a customer is inaccurate or outdated, the customer is responsible for contacting IUSA to update or correct the information.

IUSA’s privacy policy restricts the release of certain water usage information that can reasonably be used to identify an individual customer, to a third party without the customer’s prior written consent, except as is necessary for IUSA to bill for service provided.

IUSA uses and protects the information it collects about its customers. Below are details as to how IUSA collects information, types of information it collects and uses, any third parties with whom IUSA shares this information, the purposes for which the information is collected, and the protection of such information.


Type of Information Collected by IUSA

IUSA collects customer information based on its business relationship with a customer and the customer’s use of the services that IUSA provides. Some examples of collected information include:

  • Contact information that allows IUSA to communicate with the customer, including the customer’s name, address mail address.
  • Information provided by the customer via registration on the IUSA’s website including usernames and passwords provided or created by the customer.
  • Information provided by the customer via registration on the IUSA mobile payment application including usernames and passwords provided or created by the customer.
  • Billing and payment information.
  • Water usage information compiled via water meters monitored for purposes of the billing process or otherwise providing services to the customer.

IUSA does not collect or store any customer financial information (e.g. bank account or credit card information), as all payment transactions are made via Apple Pay and Payment Gateway technology that does not disclose customer financial information to IUSA. Customers should be aware that any financial information (e.g. bank account or credit card information) that is input by a customer on its mobile device to facilitate payment via the IUSA mobile application may remain stored in the customer’s mobile device due to either specific functional requirements of the Payment Gateway technology or as a result of settings on the mobile device. A customer may need to take independent affirmative steps, including possible removal of the IUSA mobile application from its mobile device, to assure that the customer’s financial information does not remain stored on the mobile device.

IUSA does not have any rights to or control of any customer financial information that remains stored on the customer’s mobile device or in the Payment Gateway technology. Accordingly, IUSA does not have or assume any responsibility for protection or security of any customer financial information that remains stored on the customer’s mobile device or in the Payment Gateway technology.

Information Collected

IUSA collects customer information when the customer sets up an account with IUSA or interacts with IUSA regarding a previously established account.

Usage and Storage of Information

IUSA uses the information collected to administer customer accounts, inform customers about water usage and provide quality service. Examples include the generating of billing statements, as well as tracking of customer account billing and payment history.

IUSA Protection of Customer Information From Unauthorized Access

IUSA prioritizes protection of customer information from unauthorized access. IUSA takes reasonable precautions to ensure the integrity of its systems and to secure and protect customer data so as to protect it from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure and destruction.

IUSA restricts access to customer information to protect it, and has implemented appropriate security controls to protect the information when it is stored or transmitted by IUSA. Contractors acting on IUSA’s behalf are required to follow the same security protocols as IUSA, and usually submit to an extensive security review of their data handling processes, before IUSA permits any customer data sharing.

Disclosure of Customer Information

IUSA does not release personal customer information to third parties without prior customer consent, unless IUSA deems such disclosure necessary to provide water meter related services to the customer. Customer written consent to IUSA disclosure of customer information may be provided electronically.

Information Available to Customers

Customers have secure access to their own water usage data via their monthly bills, as well as through the IUSA website.

Customer Responsibility to Protect Information

It is a customer’s responsibility to protect the confidentiality of its username and password, and other personally identifiable information that the customer can access on IUSA’s website or on IUSA’s mobile payment application. The customer is responsible for its use of IUSA’s website or mobile payment application, and agrees to use good judgment when choosing to share its username or password with a third party who could use it to access the customer’s personal information on the IUSA website or mobile payment application without the customer’s permission.

Minimum Age Requirement

No personal information for persons under the age of 18 should be submitted on the IUSA website, IUSA mobile payment application or any other websites or application without the consent of a parent or guardian.

Web Browser “Do Not Track” Signals and Other Similar Mechanisms

The IUSA website does not accept “do not track” signals or other similar mechanisms. “Do Not Track” signals are used by some Web browsers to attempt to limit tracking related to customer visits to a website.

Website Security

Upon logging in to IUSA’s online services, any account information entered by a customer (or that is displayed on the IUSA website in the customer’s browser window) is secured using an industry standard security technology known as Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”). By using SSL, IUSA attempts to protect the confidentiality of customer personal information. The customer’s browser must be capable of supporting SSL. A customer must check with its browser manufacturer for details:

Customer Rights as to Shared Information

Before sharing information with any party, it is important that a customer understand how the recipient intends to use the information, if the information will be shared with other parties, and the customer’s rights as a consumer and owner of such information. Those rights include the ability to authorize or decline the sharing of the information with a third party.

IUSA’s Privacy Policy provides its customers the right to receive specific information about how its private information will be used, how long the information will be accessed, the security practices and controls used to protect the information, how to stop or limit the use of the information, and how complaints from the customers regarding the use and access to the information are addressed.

Disclaimer of Liability

IUSA is providing its website and mobile payment application, and their contents, on an “as is” basis and makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to its website or mobile payment application, or the content therein. Likewise, IUSA disclaims any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, procedure, method, apparatus, product, or process posted on the website or mobile payment application. Neither IUSA its employees, nor associates assumes any responsibility for loss or damages resulting from the use of information contained on this website or mobile payment application.

For more information regarding any of the foregoing, please contact IUSA at the addresses and links below. For more general information on consumer privacy best practices, please visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website.

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